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Theology & Worldview

Dancing lessons

On the hard-earned gift of graceful movement.


Shut up and dance

On what dance can teach us about ourselves and about God.

I hope you dance!

Learning to follow the movement of the Spirit.


Patience and profit

Learning to see value in the waste of our lives.

“Sacred” space, desecration and reconciliation

16 theses toward understanding sacred space in the context of the biblical narrative.


When need meets grace

The long, hard journey out of people-pleasing.

Just say no! But: why?

Questioning our lists of prohibitions.


Holy days

Experiencing the sacred, from Theophany to Songkran.

Coming home to my soul’s address

Thoughts on the beauties and transgressions of the human body.


Body image

A woman walks into a bar, wondering, “What are bodies for?”