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Health & Wellness

Joy and…

A difficult summer prompts reflections on the problem of joy.


Round and round

A meditation on receiving with the original intention of giving.

25 grams of laughter

On Jean Vanier's prescription for processing anguish.


Loving life, loving laughter

A reflection on growing up in -- and growing -- a family that loves to laugh.

A recall for arms

A review of Armageddon in Retrospecti, Kurt Vonnegut's posthumously published collection of short stories and other bits.


The roaring twenties

On surrendering control and remembering how to play in a season of inevitable change.


Looking back on an out-of-control period of life illuminates the source of stability.



On learning to trust after life changes in a split second.

Round and round

Reflections from a mom who longs to get off the merry-go-round.


Contain yourself!

What bodies -- young or old or vibrant or dying -- can teach us about God and ourselves.