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Health & Wellness

A meditation on two doctor’s appointments

A time of sickness becomes a time of revelation about the interconnectedness of body and spirit.


Love breaks through

An administrative assistant in an oncology clinic reflects on the system's approach to shalom.

Crashing Waves

A long illness and healing process shifts relationships and conceptions of self.


Ashes three student?

Mixing metaphors on a holiday of metaphors in a class on...metaphors.

Be still and know

On the value of showing up for a time of silence.


Memorable leaves

How a book became a companion in pained solitude.

When light emerges through the darkness

On two authors who served as wise, faithful companions in the midst of uncertainty.


Counterpoint and companionship

Encountering the wonderfully incomprehensible mystery of music.

Coming to consciousness

How adults and children can walk together on the journey toward discovering grace and self.


Moving in grace

A time of transition yields lessons about identity and forgiveness.