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Health & Wellness


What a kindergartener's fashion sense reveals about the mystery of God.


Outside looking in

Remembering Simone Weil and a middle school band of misfits.

The journey in…and back out

How a local writers' group changed from being a place of belonging.


Human pace

Reflections on a year of traveling by bus, bike and foot.

Ten things I learned in a difficult year

Lessons from tough times, in no particular order of importance.


A cage of my own

On finding comfort in familiarity, even in unfamiliar places.

Lights and darks

A single mother living with her parents puts a few thoughts on the proverbial clothesline for examination.


Love in the time of softball

Creative jock or an athletic artist?  A reflection on a time of making decisions about love.

Embodying our grief

A review of the new book Fasting by
Scot McKnight.


Meet your meat

The story of a family’s journey toward more conscious consumption.