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Health & Wellness

A word from Rosie and a cup of tea

On learning how to be present in each moment of every year of life.


The grace of time

On making space for transition in our New Year's resolutions.

A brand new year, but the same old me

For better and for worse, some things never change.


A wild ride

A reflection on the one-year anniversary of a major injury.

Break on through to the other side

On learning to take a break without fear.


Snowed in

On the advantages and disadvantages of fleeing winter's darkness.

Sitting out Snowmageddon

How a hotel became the perfect retreat from a literal and figurative snowstorm.


Disinfected mind

When does cleaning become more than a healthy habit?

The longest shortest time

Reflections on the dark days of early parenthood with Hillary Frank.


Surprised by grief

On embracing the mourning of parents who have lost a child to a miscarriage.