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Health & Wellness

Investing in happiness

Happiness is the best tool for fostering a healthy community.


Work, exercise and self-donating love

Integrating exercise into building a closer and more vibrant community.

Poverty and health

A call to equip people with the tools to live a healthy and active lifestyle.


We can dance if we want to

Remembering a mother who loves to cut a rug.

Blood on the pew

Remembering the day in March 2000 when Charles appeared.


Vegetarian discipleship

Gleanings from nearly 25 years of eating everything -- except meat.

Living the homemade life

How a forced transition became a welcome change.


Humans being

Life lessons from a friend newly retired.

Everyone needs a to-don’t list

An important lesson for moving yourself and your organization forward.


A different kind of mom

The quest to belong as a mother of special needs children.