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Health & Wellness

On being a loser at 30

An older self and a younger self in dialogue about (dis)contentment.


These things remain

Reflections on the occasion of a not-so-pivotal birthday.

On his brownness

How can those whose genes embody an intersection of ethnicities uniquely contribute to understanding and reconciliation?


Femininity and the Big-Boned Gal

Reflecting on identity via a mother's larger-than-life mythology.

Finding my feminine

Seeking good questions and good answers on a personal journey toward feminism.


Out of our heads

Considering ways of knowing in a season that calls us into our bodies.


A reflection on the purpose of imposed patience.


From Buster to Batman

The blessings and curses of growing beyond imaginary friends.

The freedom, the pain and the just desserts of nerdiness

Middle school lessons, for better or worse, become life lessons.


(Partly) rebelling against rebellion

Reflections of a pastor's kid on struggling against expectations.