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Health & Wellness

On becoming a Diva for Jesus

Some words about conscious personal care for women, with a warning to those who faint at the thought of seeing The Vagina Monologues.


The purpose of sex

On the unitive, procreative and recreational functions of sex.

Grieving in community

A review of Alison McGhee's Shadow Baby with a list of other books that have proved helpful after a loss.


Wonder-working power

Can a concert be more healing than a visit to the doctor?

Land of abundance

Three Rivers, Michigan promises destinations for many kinds of pilgrims, including the reluctant ones.


Just show up

The athlete’s mantra as a guide to a healthier perspective.

E! True Hollywood Stories: Extreme Philosophical Edition

An exploration of the ideas underlying our starry-eyed obsessions.


Consuming toward exile

On claiming culpability in the case of the star everyone loves to hate.


Exploring life lessons about public image in an episode of Firefly.


In a time of war

How to become a conscientious objector in the culture war at the dinner table.