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Health & Wellness

Surviving your baby’s first year

A book list by the mother of a toddler explores experiences from birthing to sleeping.



A rambling vacation yields delight, generosity and gratitude.

BE HERE NOW (and later, too)

Reflecting on a year-long experiment in time off.


Abstaining in a culture of entitlement

One couple's journey to honor God with their sex lives.

A pill for the diagnosis of fertility?

Taking another look at the faithful stewardship of the cycles of our bodies.


One kid, two kids, three kids, four?

Some considerations and resources for imagining a family.

Best laid plans

A reflection on the reality of our limitations in family planning.


Considering contraception

A response to catapult’s “Family Planning” issue.

Tale of two children

What folk tales and the biblical narrative have to offer about the process of growing up.


The Halloween Bunny

A tale of disillusionment, for better or worse.