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Family & Relationships

The human and the holy

Reflecting on cultural definitions of efficiency and inefficiency.


Beautiful inefficiencies

A reflection in words, photos and video about the possibilities of an autumn staple.

Ten things I’ve learned from playing board games

Life lessons, including a top ten list of family board games.


Dressing my daughter

A new mother responds to infant will.

Remembering mother

The multi-sensory memories of a mother who wore more than just clothes.


The haute couture of heaven

On inheriting the fashion legacy of a mother.

Finding God in the silence

Meeting the Spirit again after a tragedy.


A beautiful mess

Remembering Dad in the aftermath of an ice storm.

Just another year

Marking the passing of 2013 by remembering the importance of the ordinary.


The world is always growing old and growing up

On a store closing and a first driving lesson.