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Family & Relationships

The tail wind taboo

Love covers a multitude of sins, if we let it.


Luke’s journal

A short fiction piece about life in the wrong body.

Nothing to see here

A pastor’s perspective on the church’s silence about sex.


Cards for every occasion

On helping a friend carry the load as she walks uphill to overcome addiction.

Sweeping abusers under the bridge

A call for the church to humanize, forgive and hold sex offenders accountable.


A messy life

What happens when the mess in the house becomes a metaphor for the mess in other parts of life?

A crop of kids

A mother reflects on that which she will not live to harvest.


Filled to capacity

Reflecting on a day in the life of the *cino community Three Rivers, Michigan.

We all like sheep

How our kids pick up on the differences between hired hands and good shepherds.


From endurance to hope

Reflecting on the legacy of a hard life lived well.