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Family & Relationships

The time of Dan’s life

A short fiction reflection on the strangeness of time in our most critical moments.


Investing in happiness

Happiness is the best tool for fostering a healthy community.

Work, exercise and self-donating love

Integrating exercise into building a closer and more vibrant community.


We can dance if we want to

Remembering a mother who loves to cut a rug.

What did David do?

The history of dance for a preacher’s family.


I am the little red hen

Lessons learned from modern serfdom in a friend’s garden.

Character counts

Raising boys with a sense of community begins at home.


It does take a village

Or how to have awesome kids and make it look like you did all the work.

Sherman’s gift

A pumpkin pie recipe -- and a life -- to remember.


Have mercy

The journey from non-denom girl to Anglican woman.