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Family & Relationships


A pastor writes about having a stepson with special needs.



The value of biking, walking and road tripping as a family.

The tug of “yes” and “no”

On the joys and challenges of being a caregiver.


Saying “yes” to a simpler life

How priorities can shift after having children.

Splendid gratitude

On slowing down enough to see what there is to celebrate.


Celebrate in gratitude

A tradition of remembering those who have touched our lives.

Tradition transitions

Why Thanksgiving never will be -- and never has been -- the same.


The stories of Christmas

On carrying a family tradition beyond childhood.

Emotional wreck

Your kids were supposed to have perfect parents.  You were supposed to have perfect kids.  You’re all plain out of luck.


Logic? I’ll take football.

Why I keep the season tickets.