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Family & Relationships

Learning’s heartbeat

Tracking down the origins of a persistent rhythm.


E pluribus unum

At home in Washington, D.C., next door or across town.

Thin places

Exploring the memories buried beneath the surface of the family farm.


From Stephens Street to Tulip Road

It’s a long way, and yet not so far, between then and now.

All people like me

To travel, or to stay at home?  A question of identity.


Summer home

A reflection on the powerful hold a cottage can have on our hearts.

When home is not a house

Pondering the sense of belonging that transcends a structure.



Scanning generations past for the legacy of growing things.

A fistful of earth

Considering a grandmother’s gardening legacy.



Washing dishes, putting in a fence, gardening, writing, playing music: a common thread.