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Family & Relationships

Telling a good story

An interview with Joy'l Ver Heul, organizer of a locally grown wedding show.


How NOT to propose

Some cautions toward focusing on what it's really all about.

Going to the chapel

On doing things differently, without failing to speak the language of tradition.


I promise

How mundane details met audacious hope, in the round, on December 31, 2000.

Planning and scanning with the idea of home

Pondering gift registry in the final stages of planning a wedding.



The Cadillac was driving too fast down the subdivision street.

Morning snuggles

A night owl overcomes guilt to find peace in the morning.


Leave your slumber

On hearing the alarm clock sound within the ordinary.

Passing peace

On what we stand to gain when we look down, instead of ahead.


A good witness

A reflection on the role of the married people in the pews.