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Family & Relationships

Second time around

On the (merciful) complexities of choosing moral positions within the context of human relationships.


My mom’s first date

A daughter's perspective on her young widowed mother's re-entry into the dating scene.

Fuchsia, plum, navy or none

The necessity of improvising on the path toward a second wedding.


Pine Trail Camp

On lessons learned at that most formative childhood institution: summer camp.

When every day is Saturday

No more teachers, no more books, no more...peace and quiet? Regular routines? Freedom?


Learning to cook alone

When the complexities of life after community living show up in the produce section.

Know and be known

How living in intentional community can lead to self-awareness.


But nuns can't get married!

Conflicting loyalties with regard to communities.

Weighty friends

Remembering friends whose presence brought a sense of rootedness, even in their diversity.


Eating together

A review of Harriet Brown's memoir Brave Girl Eating: The Story of a Family's Struggle with Anorexia.