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Family & Relationships

Getting naked

A blogger reflects on the interaction between vulnerability and friendship.


An apology to the pig farmer’s son

Looking back on the vulnerability and cruelty of grade school.

An affectionate soul

A tribute to a feline friend who, for a short time, demonstrated unconditional love.


An M&M and a prayer

A review of the novel The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow by Joyce Magnin.

He puts the lonely in families

A meditation on the life and death of a friend who called upon others to care.


Dave + Lenore

Life, confession and memory in the endless moment of illness.

Human homebodies

On the hope of carving out a path that leads home.


Last moments

Finding hope in the middle of grieving an unexpected loss.


An uneasy legacy tied together with the thread of a shared name.


Living well

On shaping a life that will honor the memory and the suffering of those who have gone before.