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Society & Institutions

The beauty of holiness, the holiness of beauty

Through experiencing the holiness of beauty, and through it, experiencing God, we are changed for the better.


Woods treasures

Ideas for celebrating the beauty of nature by creating simple, found-object gifts.

Nature walk on concrete

A meditation on our character as beings who are part of, not separate from, creation.


Setting the feet on the pathway

A parent chooses a unique form of education to help her sons develop a sense of "self."

Collaborative creation

An artist learns to connect his craft with Sunday mornings.


Mea Culpa

On why Christians should be disturbed by the current war in Iraq and what we should all be doing about it, regardless of our opinion.

Nazis and fashionistas

How two films opened a window on walking ideas.


Zooming out

A book review of The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson.

E! True Hollywood Stories: Extreme Philosophical Edition

An exploration of the ideas underlying our starry-eyed obsessions.


Quitting consumerism

Calling all students -- and myself -- to turn toward the upside-down Kingdom (again).