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Christians and torture

A response to current debates about justifiable tactics for U.S. national security.


Recycled abundance

Remembering the Barter Sale at boarding school in Pakistan and the lessons it's still teaching.

White manhood and the new glass ceiling?

A reflection on the shifting nature of marginalization.


Ten things we imagine at Huss School

Modest proposals for the future life of 22,000 square feet and four acres.

Ten new ways I hope to vote with my money this year

A graduate student on a budget considers how to make her dollars reflect her passions.


Is smaller always better?

Questioning the motivations and effectiveness of fair trade coffee.

A simple phrase

Keeping the goal in sight beyond the glitter of wealth.


The Eucharist is an economic act

Growing a church community around the centrality of the shared feast.

The invisible border

Mapping a neighborhood by streets, class and color -- and hoping for a better way home.


Do not enter

On following Jesus into forbidden territory.