catapult magazine

catapult magazine



The abortion journals

An account of overcoming fear of "the other."


A home for *cino

A report on how the structure is progressing and how you can help with the next stages of building.

Somewhere in the middle

When home is neither here nor there.


Act justly?

An exploration of the term justice.

Mea Culpa

On why Christians should be disturbed by the current war in Iraq and what we should all be doing about it, regardless of our opinion.


The color of cuisine

A reflection on the way oppression has shaped U.S. diets.

The tide of trash

On what happens when conflicting ideas take walks around the same neighborhood.


Reading for a global perspective

Book guru of Hearts & Minds Books recommends resources for studying and pursuing global justice.

Eyes to see

Reflections on the inadequacy of colorblindness from an anti-racism community organizer.


Fidelity and fecundity

A farmer reflects on lessons from twelve years of harvests that apply to growing vegetables and far beyond.