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No stopping or standing

Electing a leader of color is a signpost on a journey, not a destination.


What I’ve learned from planning UnLearn Week

The principles behind and origins of one institution's efforts to dismantle racism.

Dealing with differences

The difficulty of seeing other cultures-and our own-with eyes wide open.


Unequal embrace

Contextualizing a healthy sense of gender identity within a hierarchy of privilege.

Kirstin’s recommendations 12.19.08

Two historically-rooted fictions-a film about arms dealing and a novel about a Sudanese refugee-explore the lives of outsiders.


Out of darkness: A Mumbai story

A review of the film Slumdog Millionaire, which tells the story of a boy who rises to fame on India's hottest game show.

I don’t listen to Sufjan Stevens

A suggestion from the margins of Christian college culture.


No problem, Warren

Ten organizations I would talk about if I were invited to dinner with Warren Buffet.

Peas from a can

A review of the 1947 young adult novel Judy's Journey by Lois Lenski, which chronicles the invisible history of migrant workers.


No un-growth

On the power of formative experience to set growth in motion.