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The earth speaks

The directors of the Hermitage Community give voice to the land in the face of impending upheaval.


Counterspeaking contradictions

On the paradoxes of lament and hope, destruction and creation, failure and commitment.

Blood on the pew

Remembering the day in March 2000 when Charles appeared.


Fight the power

A father’s philosophy on how to deal with bullying.

Surprised in the margins

Revisiting Matthew 25 and the call to care for the “least of these.”


Home run

Albany Park Theater Project’s I Will Kiss These Walls invents a “theater of hope” in the face of foreclosure.

Lovely in eyes

Learning to turn around and see each other.


Vegetarian discipleship

Gleanings from nearly 25 years of eating everything -- except meat.

Walk softly

Storytelling in the time of government shutdown.


The roads that break us

A report from the convoluted infrastructure of Austin, Texas.