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Health & Wellness

Ten things I experienced in 2012

Reflections on changing, adapting and continuing forward.


Ten ways to savor your time in 2013

Advice from a pastor, writer and mother of three.

Forget ten things -- what about 1,000?

A review of the audiobook One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.


The answers are in my closet

Dressing up as role-playing.


Lessons from a closet full of other people’s cast-offs.


Given time, giving time

What would you do with an extra day in the week?

Living in the tension

Grappling with the meaning of pain and the suffering body.


A new normal

Ten things I’ve learned about trauma.

Jesus said...

Resolutions and wise words for 2014.


How to quit like a scout

Learning to trust the decisions we make in third grade.