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Family & Relationships

Women who teach

Remembering the many women who taught me well.


A tale of three or four teachers

Learning from the ancestral line about intuition vs. skill in teaching.


On a mother’s decision to keep a family secret...for now.


Cool girls and the chip mix

A mother remembers the longings and cruelties of junior high girls. 

The time that is left to us

In the shadow of winter, a reflection on where we belong.


The imperfect body

Wrestling with church as a single mother.

All is right

A sensory memory, and an invitation to contribute our own remembrances.


She heightened my awareness of the world

Remembering a grandmother's legacy.

The myth of Santa: Fiction or lie?

A parent's perspective on the man from the North Pole.


Paper sack

Remembering the Christmas Eve celebrations of childhood.