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It’s complicated

Asking hard questions and embracing complex answers in community.


Guerrilla gifting

Learning to believe again, via the story of St. Nicholas.

The freedom of less

Taking a simple lifestyle for granted -- and occasionally, as an idol.


Bigger barns

Examining the source and nature of one’s treasure.

Suitcases, rubber ducks, game shows and superhuman padres

A review of Home/Land by the Chicago-based Albany Park Theatre Project.


Tree huggers

Memories from summers spent as a camp counselor in the California redwoods.

An American question

Identifying cultural differences for expectations of the good life.


An autobiography, with tea

A North American looks to look beyond the leaves.

Working the streets

Reflecting on the risk not taken, 25 years later.


After the garden

Considering the ripple effects of a formative move in elementary school.