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Tumbling into openness

Road tripping and reflecting on maps and borders.


High fidelity

On reading the Bible with Johnny Cash during Lent.

Top ten favorite trees (and why)

How an educational resolution led to a new group of leafy friends in 2010.


My words for the year

Ten words and phrases to shape life going forward.

Ten lessons you didn’t know you learned from Barbie

What the iconic doll taught us beyond -- and sometimes instead of -- playing nice.


Ten favorite “goodbyes”...and good buys!

A whimsical romp through the past and into the present.

Ten things I want more of in 2011

A collection of joyful resolutions for the coming year.


From a death we should be glad of?

A reflection on the merits of an underappreciated season.

Deep cleaning

Attempting to invoke patience one closet at a time.


Sense memory

A partial history told in sight, sound, taste and touch.