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catapult magazine



All is right

A sensory memory, and an invitation to contribute our own remembrances.


Ten things I didn’t expect in 2011

A retrospective of surprising life changes.

A gentle nudge

Three books that have shaped a life.


Time well spent

Three lists, some recommendations, and a few observations from my amazing month of books.

Oxford pilgrimage

Notes from a journey to honor history, libraries, books and writers.


Looking for lunas

An excerpt from the new middle grade novel Stranger Moon.

Making friends with books

The evolution of one writer’s reading, from remedial to formative.


Bookshelf porn

Contemplating the shelf-shaped hole in our lives.

Bittersweet, but I’ll drink it anyway

Chronicling a relationship (or lack of) with wine.


I never imagined

Oh, the places we have been and the things we have done...