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Work & Business

The best part...may it overflow!

On vocation and waking up with a sense of purpose.


Concerning why I preach barefoot

A reflection on the connectedness of holiness, humility and homiletics.

Ten careers I’d trade mine for

Anybody want to switch places?  See list for more details.


Tesser well

Lessons from a writer, to a writer, transcend the boundaries of time and space.

Up off the floor

A pastor reflects on the fitting elusiveness of perfection.


The way we were

Remembering the small town grocery store and lamenting its loss.

Shopping locally, feeding our neighbors

Moving to a new neighborhood illuminates interconnectedness.


Bruised peaches taste sweeter

Reflecting on the relationships that make local shopping the best bargain.

Hope at the margins

Loving marginalized places enough to unearth their gifts and share their burdens.


The local rule

On the benefits of setting limits on consumption.