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Science & Technology

Loving your online neighbor as yourself

On moving from pretending to loyalty in the virtual world.


The pleasant results of a shrinking world

A reflection on what's good about online social networking.

Live Feed: Christians and Facebook are in a relationship.

In what ways are Christians responding to new technology, to the detriment or benefit of the Church?


My cloud of witnesses

How to show hospitality in a virtual room of diverse people.

Facebook reconsidered

How giving up online social networking for Lent shaped a new perspective.


Virtually at home

Describing the world of Facebook and naming its alternative ecology.

Actualizing the virtual

Facilitating food and gatherings via the tools of technology.


Welcome to the family

True human connection is just a Profile away.

A happy waste of time

Web sites that make you laugh...sometimes.


To see the fissures and 
hear the rumblings

A review of 
The BQE, a film by Sufjan Stevens.