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catapult magazine



Ten things for Huss School in 2011

As *cino continues to develop a vision for its historic school property in Three Rivers, Michigan, a list of ways to continue and to grow.


Wait for it

An impending job change prompts questions about future expectations.

Playing well with others

A call for listening and embrace in our culture making.


Something to give

Culture Make Sale connects the world to Three Rivers, Michigan.

Death unto life

A report from *culture is not optional in a season of reflection.


Why *cino is not a church

A report from the *cino talks on one of the big questions.

Slow organizing

Considering what’s emerging for *cino after the spring thaw.


Imagining rain

Preparing for the third annual Huss Future Festival in the middle of a record-breaking drought.

Where did catapult come from?

Remembering the origins of the magazine after ten years of publishing.


Where is catapult going?

Looking ahead after ten years of publishing.