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A home for *cino

A report on how the structure is progressing and how you can help with the next stages of building.


Off to the Festival we go

Calvin College's Festival of Faith & Writing offers an opportunity to acquaint new writers and readers with catapult.

Practicing Resurrection at Russet House Farm

A report on a community gathering to explore the role of sustainability in a life of Christian faithfulness.


Home away from home

A report from the biennial conference, co-sponsored by *cino and Russet House Farm.


Audacious imagination

On making a counter-intuitive move in a time of tightening belts.

A very *cino summer

A June's-eye view of what's coming up in the next couple of months.


Desecrating the asterisk?

Some of the story behind *cino's efforts to win a $50,000 grant from Pepsi.

RESET: The Poetry Series

Announcing a 2011 commitment to create a poem an issue.


Sowing seeds of love and forgiveness

What a good dose of imagination looks like on the ground in Three Rivers, Michigan.