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Counterpoint and companionship

Encountering the wonderfully incomprehensible mystery of music.


Encountering music

What happens when we open ourselves up to meeting songs with a posture of hospitality?

Why I am still listening to Sufjan Stevens

Confessions of a music lover who can't get enough of the enigmatic singer songwriter's juxtapositions.


Music is mnemonic

On the capacity of song to embody our memories.

More than a good story

How a children's book shaped a lifelong approach to singing.


“Josep’s Opus,” or “Coke’s mini-movie”

On the adman's use of music, for better or worse, to manipulate.

Conversation: “Crying Out in Stereo”

Your opportunity to contribute thoughts about music.


Buoyant optimism

A review of Happy-Go-Lucky, directed by Mike Leigh.

Characters to love

A review of the novel The History of Love by Nicole Krauss.


Arbor awe

A tale of pilgrimage to the Montezuma Cypress known as El Àrbol del Tule.