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  • The coyote's song

    A folk tale explores the creation of the world and the Fall--but what does the Fall have to do with the coyote's song? Featuring collages created by Ryan Vande Kraats.

  • Incarnation and the image of God

    The mystery of the incarnation is not just a topic for philosophers and theologians--it initiated the transformation of our family tree as children of God. Iconography is one attempt to capture the mystery, but what can we discover by going straight to the Word?

  • Partnership redeemed

    A service of marriage, performed on December 31, 2000.

  • Naming well

    Reading, writing and creation through naming.

  • Gardening lessons

    A series of columns travels through the seasons of nature and of life.

  • Gardening lessons

  • (In)Security and the Fall

    Eve Ensler’s Insecure at Last prompts theological reflection on the lie of security.

  • Tiebreaker

    A tribute to the fall of a baseball team and a season.

  • Death unto life

    A report from *culture is not optional in a season of reflection.

  • (Dis)organization's origins

    A disorganized collector reflects on human and divine nature.

  • Splendid gratitude

    On slowing down enough to see what there is to celebrate.