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Vol 1, Num 3 :: 2002.10.11 — 2002.10.24


The coyote's song

Part 1 of 5




Illustration by Ryan Vande Kraats


Long ago, before the wheel was invented or fire discovered, before even boys and girls walked this earth, so very long ago came the Beginning. At that time, the Great Mage made the earth and sea, the moons (yes, two moons) and stars. When he was done, he sat along the beach and sang the names of animals, and as he sang each name, that animal burst from the ground. The animals shook themselves free of dirt and laughed and leaped about.

After the Great Mage had sung all the animals names and the animals had quieted and gathered around Him, the Great Mage said, “Creatures, I give you this land and sea and the fruits and vegetables in it. I will also give each of you special gifts.”

And that is what the Great Mage did. To the hawk, he gave the ability to soar on the wind. To the ants he gave the ability to plan and to build. The camel was given his hump, the kangaroo her pouch, and the leopard his spots. Finally every animal except for the coyote had received its gift.

Then with a warm smile the Great Mage said, “For you, Sep the coyote, I have a gift which requires great responsibility, for the gift may tempt you to be proud. Yours is the gift of music. You shall sing, and your songs will spread joy.”

As the coyote trotted away, he opened his mouth and the grandest sound came out. The black ants even stopped work to listen. When Sep finished, the corners of his snout pulled back in a silly looking grin.

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