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Sensory Experience

vol. 10, num. 22 :: 2011.12.09 — 2011.12.22

Most human beings have five senses: touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing.  What’s your favorite sense?  Do we privilege one over the others as a society?  What is it like to live without one or more of these ways of experiencing the world?



Sense memory

A partial history told in sight, sound, taste and touch.


Ears to hear

Learning how to sense the love of God in each moment.


All is right

A sensory memory, and an invitation to contribute our own remembrances.

Experiencing God’s creation

Would you rather be blind or deaf?  One response to a classic question.

God’s vanishing touch

A feeling that goes beyond nerve endings.

She heightened my awareness of the world

Remembering a grandmother's legacy.


In case you missed it the first time

Meeting God in the kitchen

On the language of food, in the everyday and in the feast.


On the garments of our lives and the memories they absorb.

Top Ten re: sounds

We often talk of seeing through another?s eyes, but here?s your chance to hear through another?s ears.

Weaving the web

Why I am not a mystic

Stephen Prothero writes about when the love of God isn’t the right kind of love.


The scent of slow

Margie Haack on the kitchen’s lesson of contemplation.


daily asterisk

Even in a country you know by heart
its hard to go the same way twice
the life of the going changes.
The chances change and make a new way.
Any tree or stone or bird
can be the bud of a new direction. The
natural correction is to make intent
of accident. To get back before dark
is the art of going.

Wendell Berry
“Traveling at Home” from Traveling at Home

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