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Vol 11, Num 23 :: 2012.12.21 — 2013.01.03


This is the day

I am in need of some serious dental work, fillings, a crown or two, a couple of replacements. Just want to be able to eat, talk, and smile without pain and horror. Looking for a Blessing.  Thanks in advance.

call ###.###.#### and ask for JP if you are BLESSING.

JP hurried down the street clenching his thin coat.  Wind clamped its frigid fists around his bones and shook his body from head to toe, each shiver, a stab of pain to his jaw. 

Some days are hinges, where life before or after is like that of a door that has opened, or in JP’s case, closed.

5623 sunsets ago, JP lost his smile. 

Days of a promising public career and security were suddenly exchanged for ones of isolation and debt when a cracked road, a broken peddle, and a parked car shattered more than just four teeth and dislocated his jaw.

JP released a silent wish for a blessing.  In truth, it was a relinquishing of faith and giving up of hope.

Faith, however, never lost its smile.

With the envelope safely pocketed and whistling “This is the Day,” James Prince opened the door to Dr. Christiana Morgenstern, DDS.

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