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Vol 11, Num 23 :: 2012.12.21 — 2013.01.03


A prayer to Saint Jude

Saint Jude you have come to me in a time of great need and desperation and have offered me your help. It was with your helping hand Saint Jude that i was able to overcome the spiritual difficulties that I was experiencing over a year ago. I Love you most beloved patron saint jude And would like to share you with the world. THank you so much patron saint, thank you for your miraculous help.

love and devotion,
F—— G——

The morning is cold. I picture a violet-colored sky that will appear before long. I watch from bed as the sun rises through my oval window that overlooks a city that I can only describe as hard, whatever that means. I’ve been getting up early since I found out a little over a year ago.

This is how it goes: I wake up and pull on some jeans and my old, scratchy wool sweater over my long johns before placing my feet in the heavy boots that I wear for the long walk from my house to the old church. Before climbing the stone steps, I run a finger across the dip on the thoroughly worn-in stone steps and cross myself. Until yesterday, I wondered if these sacrificial acts were making any difference. I light my candles and pray. That is all, and then the long walk back.

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