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Vol 10, Num 20 :: 2011.11.11 — 2011.11.24


The season of dying

Autumn is the season of dying. The leaves on the trees are dying, but as they die they lend a wonderful, inspirational hue to nature.  As the days get shorter and we lose more light, the colors of the autumn leaves replace the light with their own brilliance.

It’s my favorite time of year. The deep reds, purples, oranges and yellows move me to enjoy life and share it with others. I am inspired to write and create.  In their dying, I am renewed.

Is it ironic that as something dies, I feel energized? Shouldn’t the death of something make us reflect, mourn and grieve?  Not necessarily.

In the beautiful colors of autumn, I see God demonstrating beauty in death. After all, death only means life with Him. As some people pass on to life with Him, they leave a brilliance behind that is never forgotten. The beauty of their lives inspires us to continue the journey, looking for ways to shine the Light. Their beauty in death shows us how satisfying life can be.  When we look at the leaves of autumn, we sigh, and linger in the moment of their brilliance.  As we look for beauty in the death of our loved ones, we also sigh, and remember their lives, their impact, and their legacies.

And we are inspired to make our own lives as beautiful as theirs.

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