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Vol 12, Num 1 :: 2013.01.04 — 2013.01.17


Ten things I wish I knew 11 years ago

  1. Just because you’re in love doesn’t mean you should get married.
  2. Getting married because you are pregnant is rarely a good idea. Instead, get married when you are ready to begin sharing life with another person.
  3. If you are getting married for the purpose of having sex, just have sex. Don’t use marriage as a tool to get sex. It cheapens both.
  4. Resist family pressure to marry. Your family doesn’t have to live with your future spouse, you do.
  5. Getting married doesn’t prove you love someone more.
  6. After meeting someone, wait more than one month to get engaged.
  7. Wait longer than ten months between meeting and marrying someone.
  8. To women in particular: give yourself permission and pay attention to your hesitancies.
  9. Have a wide variety of experiences together before marriage — camping, road tripping, concerts, meal making, card playing, volunteering, exercising, partying, reading, drinking, yard work, shopping, cleaning, etc.
  10. Children create stress and will not make a hard relationship easier. They make hard relationships harder.

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