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Vol 8, Num 12 :: 2009.06.05 — 2009.06.19


The perpetual calendar makes a comeback

The birthday calendar is something of a Dutch tradition. The world over, you will find important dates like birthdays and anniversaries lovingly jotted in something called the perpetual calendar and hanging in the powder room. I got mine in Gouda, Netherlands two years ago and since then many a visitor has commented on its practicality.  

It seems this little traditional calendar is making a comeback. Consider these online finds:

A fine investment, I can attest. 

Make your own!

Here’s how you can make your own perpetual calendar by hand:

1.   First, cut your paper to size. (I used 8.5″ × 11″ card stock cut in half.) 

Step 1


2.  Then, draw your lines for every day of the month. (You could always cheat here and do this on the computer.) 

Step 2


3.  Number each line. I chose to use my typewriter.

Step 3


4.  Next, choose your theme. (I’m a sucker for snail mail so I used stamps.) 

Step 4


5.  Finally, punch a hole through the top of the calendar and feed through a ribbon or twine. 

Step 5


6.  Hang and begin jotting in your loved ones’ special days. (I recommend using a pencil. Mistakes happen.) 

Step 6

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