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Made in God's Image


Aug 17 2002
09:08 am

Let me quote something else from Wurmbrand. It might help clarify. Sorry, I’m expressing this rather poorly. Again, I plead the limitation of language or my lack of savvy with it.

“The waters have become still in my relationship with God. Things have taken on a crystalline clarity. A god from whom I can depart, who would let me go, who would not keep me to the end, never was a god. I can rest completely tranquil. The real God will uphold me. I have passed through the period of remorse for past sins, and the period of moral perplexities over lying or not lying. I know the evil in me, and I know the good. I can use both. The Lord said, “You shall love the Lord your God will all your heart” (Deut. 6:5). How can a man love God with all his heart, if in the heart there are so many wicked passions?

There will be many ups and downs, tossings and turnings. The faithful soul does this, until it ceases to judge itself. There are no such things as good flowers and bad flowers. There are simply flowers. So our souls are as God has created them.

I try not to compare myself with anyone. I am what I am, and in this knowledge I lie down in green pastures. I no longer live between two states of existence, [past or future]. I am able to recognize the kingdom of God present within me at this moment.

Heaven is a narrow place. There is room in it only for One. The soul who wishes to enter must be able to say at the gate, “It is You, Christ….”

If we are One in Christ, Christ is One with the Father and the Father One with Him, then there is only One. God is One. God is Truth. We are in the Image of One.

Art, science, nature, gardening, interaction with others all serve to faciliate the discovery of what already exists: One. It all reveals truth. All evil, all good, all things created and not created are to reveal Himself.

Facilitating the discovery of truth is different than being One with it. I’m not, in an Eastern context, one with all things—but God’s transcendant nature, One, is in everything He has created. Though He is separate from it, it reveals Him—and as it does so, I am unified with it.

God’s image was bestowed only to man, in Eden. And that Oneness of relationship can, I believe, only be expressed between Himself and those who bear Himself.

Read John 17:11-16 and Colossians 1:13-19.

Does the above answer how mediums which facitilate the discovery of Truth (like art, science, history) and people who bear the Truth, as Truth is God Himself both “REVEAL” His Oneness, His image?

I don’t know if I’ve delinated enough between Truth revealed in nature—through things and various medium—and Truth in man, which is God’s Image. All of that Truth, within and without—flows from the Unity and Oneness of God.

If you can stop thinking of yourself as separate from all of it, you might discover the Oneness of which I speak. Recall W. said there is not room for two, but only One.