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living communally without the commune


Aug 31 2002
05:10 pm

Sacrifice in both hebrew and greek means: To slaughter, kill. It usually comes with the appeasement of tension between distinct somethings or someones. It requires exchange. And sacrifice comes in different measures for different people.

Perhaps, Alice, if you could recognize places in your life where there is a “death” within you, say the exchange of your life for someone/thing else, so that there is an appeasement of a given tension then maybe you’ve not missed sacrifice in your life as much as you think you have?

Sacrifice, according to the Christian tradition, is maximized in the selfless expression of Christ’s life given in exchange for sinful mankind to appease the holiness and justice of God’s wrath.

We’re called to daily respond with that sort of love, hope, faith and selflessness, being as was/is Jesus a willing sacrifice. Daily pick up your cross and follow Him. It is not I who lives, but Christ in me.

Sacrifice is as internal as it is external. Does that help clarify?