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Red Light


Jul 20 2007
07:45 am

I’m not sure how to take your advice – mostly because I don’t stare. But let me respond to some of the questions you raised in your response.

I had assumed from how I talked about prostitution that the reader would understand that my words were not merely my own personal presuppositions but were based on outside knowledge. It is a knowledge that consists significantly upon books written by prostitutes and sociological research that totalled hundreds of interviews with prostitutes and clients using their services. Yet, it is also based on the personal experience of living in the Red Light District for a year and regularly interacting with people who have spent much of their life experiencing this world around them in many different ways, including having prostituted themselves. It is this total knowledge that makes me realize that any response to prostitution in the Red Light District or elsewhere is not as simplistic as many (including and especially by the average Christian) would believe.

You (along with anyone else interested) are more than welcome to come here and see for yourself (and form an opinion then). Come join us in prayer, sit for a cup of coffee, share a meal, and spend time hanging out with all of us here who have found in this community a welcoming place to start over again.