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Peak oil ?to do? list


Jun 09 2005
02:26 pm

I survived the 1970’s oil shortage. Everyone forgot that & went on with oil, while we pour billions of dollars into the pockets of some of the most savage, cruel, terrorist minded persons on earth…

I heard lots of talk then about crop based or about solar energy (what a great permanent resource) but it has never been captured very efficiently, at least yet.

So yes I agree with most proposals—-We should not waste, as a matter of ongoing principle.

but I add cautions concerning the humans. Yes, let’s make birth control pills, and other preconception options available.

we must watch out for the continued devaluing of the human that is going on…[/b:8876081ffa]Will our drive for efficient energy use mean we move to hastily terminate those who are “useless eaters” (Hitler’s phrase, not mine).

If we more effectively used the earth, how much more could the population grow before we reached its true capacity???

And we must weigh the pros and cons.of more oil production by and in the US

..If we make it affordable to build more oil refineries, oil pipelines in this country, we probably have better EPA OSHA regulations than some of the countries we are buying oil from….so we ultimately are both slowing funding to the middleast persons who funnel some of their money to terrorists…not known for their regard for the environment…to say the least.

Divergent thinking is needed….