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May 08 2005
12:21 pm

This is an unabashed advertisement for The Keeper

I just started using the Keeper in February. It’s my new favorite thing. I can’t believe all those years spent using disposable methods of responding to my period. I have to admit though, I was scared to start using it. THankfully, I would walk past the collection of Keepers and Glad Rags at my co-op and was reminded on a weekly basis to think about it. I finally just got fed up with disposable methods and kept asking myself, “is this waste worth it for my convenience?” The answer was always no. So, I bought the Keeper and tried it out my next cycle. To my wonderful surprise, it’s easier than anything else I’ve ever used. No mess, no odor, no discomfort (if inserted correctly).

Every month when my period arrives, I no longer dread or feel guilty about the waste produced and announce to my husband how much I love my Keeper. He tends to reply with a bit of sarcasm that, “Oh, I was just going to ask you.”

I plan on giving The Keeper as a gift to a few friends who share similar environmental values as I do. It’s a revolutionizing invention. I love it!