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Sep 05 2002
11:46 am

well, if you haven’t seen the announcements on the site already, we are in the process of building a new site with more features and fresher content. starting september 13, we will be publishing new “issues” on a bi-weekly basis.

each issue will revolve around a theme and will be comprised of several articles, a feature, a few reviews, a bible study and some new artwork. we will also be posting links to interesting things on the internet (articles, sites, etc.) every weekday.

we’re going to need your help to make all of this work. soon after the 13th, we’ll be adding a section to the site called “the writer’s block” where you’ll be able to check out upcoming issue themes and sign up to write articles. we’ll also be asking for suggestions for the daily links.

so if you or someone you know would be interested in writing for us, please contact our editor, kirstin, at she can fill you in on the details and let you know about some future perks.