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Late night thoughts on being a disciple of the Kingdom


Jul 17 2006
04:14 pm

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The Bible has hundreds of references to ?kings,? and yet Jesus commented once upon a time that his kingship was not of this world (John 18.36). So then, our citizenship is not of this world, but is of a kingdom whose ethics are the beatitudes of its king.

I noted that the Rev. Farris quoted from John 18 v36 – ’ My kingdom is not of this world.’

I’m hoping that he is not inferring that the Kingdom of God has nothing to do with this world, a kind of spiritual isolationism? Maintaining rigtheousness by evading contamination through contact!! My understanding of the preposition ‘of’ means origin and not location. So, His Kingdom isn’t of this world, but like the Apostle John informs us, is a case of being in the world but not ‘of’ it. Otherwise, we may as well hibernate until the Kingdom Comes!