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I love the U.S.A.


Oct 25 2004
12:29 pm

I love America enough to sing of her praises when she is a beacon of hope to the world, a place of refuge to the downtrodden, a land of true freedom and opportunity for ALL people. When I see these things happening in and around this country, my heart swells with genuine pride. And it is happening each and every day ? through the efforts of authentic faith communities from one end of the coast to the other; in small towns and rural areas, where folks are able to maintain a healthy self-image in the places where they live and work; in larger communities and inner-city projects where local politicians, civic leaders and average people are looking out (not only for each other) but for those who are unable to look out for themselves. This is what I truly love about America.

But I also love America enough to (at times) speak out critically and with some concern when her light in the world is being diminished and her reputation tarnished by imperialistic motivation and blind nationalistic pride. "America ? love it or leave it? doesn?t sit very well with me. And I?m often troubled by those who perpetuate a position of quietism, especially in a place where one of the most precious freedoms we have is the ?Freedom of Speech.? Would you remain silent and on the sidelines, while someone you loved continued down the road of marital infidelity, substance abuse, or suicidal tendencies? We need to remember that there are those in this great country of ours who, in fact, do love America enough to stand up and be critical of our politicians, our policies and our overall direction as a nation; especially when this ?land that we love? is heading down a thorny path. Therefore, please don?t just assume that those of us who may choose to express our concern, or speak out critically at times about what?s happening in America, are folks who love this country any less.