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I can't go on


Jun 23 2003
09:27 am

BBC, hope you don’t mind if I jump in here. Captain was correct I think when he said that no matter what symptoms the depressed person is showing or how they try to cope listening is the key. Until someone heard me and said “You need help” I didn’t believe it myself. The last thing a depressed person needs is for someone to come up with a whole bunch of ideas on how to get better. Their mind probably can’t even process that.

One of my children also struggled with depression in high school. The teachers who were concerned and initiated the contact, listened and understood the problem were the most helpful. It seems odd I think that the best advise is no advise but a listening ear. With depression there is no quick fix, just a long slow walk out of the darkness and learning to protect yourself from it again and again. If you suspect a person is suicidal, ASK THEM. And then get professional help.

As for the doubt thing. Is it part of the depression or just part of being in high school? But I think all struggling believers (teenagers or not) need to have the permission to doubt. I have a quote somewhere that doubt is part of faith and we all struggle with that through out our lives. Depressing!

I know of a really good Christian web site on depression. It gives a lot of good answers to these questions but don’t have it bookmarked anymore. I will look for it and pass it on.