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I can't go on


Jun 24 2003
05:44 pm

I cringed a bit when I read Jason’s story – that very sort of incident was sort of thrown at me soon after I started my acsent out of the bleak time. I do not deny that that sort of miraculous intervention is possible. But for many people it is just not the problem. I had spent countless nights not sleeping, crying and pleading with God to let me rest and feel better. I never lost faith in him but those were long lonely times. When my doctor said the word, depression, it hurt but it was also a blessing. She gave me some little white pills and assured me that in a few weeks I would feel better. She was right. To me they were a miracle even if it took two weeks. It is not wrong for us to use the technology, medication and other research that is available to us. They are all gifts from God and part of culture that we are to enjoy. It HATE to use the old diabetes comparison but it actually fits so well. If I said I was only gong to depend on God to cure my diabetes because I didn’t want to use a chemical/medical intervention, most of you would call me irresponcible. A diabetic needs insulin and we are all thankful that it is there. None of us would ever think to accuse a diabetic that he or she doesn’t have enough faith because they couldn’t snap out of their condition. Many forms of depression are due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. New brain research is quite dramatic in illustrating this and the newer antidepressants are much more effective in dealing with the specific problems that occur. Thank the Lord for the researchers who found the chemical I need to live a normal productive life again. And thank him that many for some people with depression, they may even be able to live with out meds eventually. But even if they can’t I consider them not to be a sign of doubt of lack of faith but a reassuance that my God can use many means to heal people.